First update

Did some work on pushups. I did 18 once. I also did a few sets of planks (counting to 40 – phew that was painful).

Next steps: continue planks (40-count) with pushups on alternate days. Hope to be able to do 18 consistently.

Running: Did a 12 minute run.

Next steps: progression 12-14-16-18 minutes by Jan 6th (2 weeks before the race).

Then next week reach 25 minutes. Final week, crank up the speed (intervals?)


Getting things done

Getting things done

This will be an account of my efforts to get things done. I will set goals and will update on the progress.

Goal #1: 25 pushups

[Dec 16] Current state: 16 – perhaps could do more, but forearms hurt (more “bones” than muscles).

Plan: Do a few

Goal #2: Run 5km in 25 minutes or less.

Current state… unknown